With over twenty five years experience in interpreting and translating, Milan Popovic is today capable of delivering a second-to-none linguistic support in most diverse industrial conditions, the subject fields ranging from tourism-related historical information, to high-end precision engineering and medical research.

A cool-minded, professional attitude, combined with an exceptional ability to focus, allows Milan Popovic to draw both on his long experience and extensive linguistic skills. The resulting performance immediately stands out, right from the outset of the professional assignment, helping to establish an atmosphere of trust and confidence between parties in the talks or coherence between participants' appearances in a courtroom. Similarly, in translation, the result is a scientific paper or engineering document of an accuracy and style worthy of the given profession.

In translating, Milan Popovic’s native- or near-native fluency in four languages is backed by an investigative and thorough approach, indispensable in handling highly specialised texts. A custom-developed, rapid vocabulary acquisition technique allows Milan Popovic to memorize up to 200 completely new specialist terminological pairs within only a couple of days. A wide-ranging experience assures the understanding of most diverse technological processes and scientific concepts, making Milan Popovic an indispensable point of linguistic support for your project, whatever the field of specialisation.